Net Intelect include a simple to use content management system with almost all of our web sites. We have just released our second version of this with many new improvements and further extendability.

The system requires very little training and only basic computer knowledge and word procesing knowledge.

There are various Content Management Systems already out there with a great number of web developers such as Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, Word Press and many more.

We do not use these in most cases because they are far too complicated for many end users to use and many of the features of these are unnessacary for most web site owners.

Net Intelect’s CMS is by far the easiest piece of software you will ever use and allows you all of the basic functionality to keep your website up to date in real time.

The other cms’s mentioned have strict template layout wheras our CMS can be easily ported into any existing html website without the need for a database which may cost you more money with your existing hosting company.

This also allows us to create completely bespoke web site designs rather than relying on the premade templates that these other systems require.

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