What is a Content Management System and CMS websites?

A Content Management System (CMS for short) is a system which allows a web site administrator or owner to login to a secure online control panel through their web browser and make changes to the website content or text, a CMS website is an updatable website and an editable website.

CMS websites are almost completely editable and updatable, we work with many cms’s some of which allow you to edit your existing website content or even create entirely new web pages.

A CMS based website is a great way to help you keep your website up to date, and its content current, as it is very unappealing to a potential customer having a website in which information is many years old and outdated.

Almost all of our websites have a FREE CMS added at no extra cost – please contact us for details


A CMS website would be beneficial for:
  • Ecommerce Web Sites
  • Small Online Shops
  • Online Catalogue Websites
  • Photography Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Directory Websites
  • Business Websites
  • Hotel Websites
  • Any Type of Updatable Website
  • News Websites

You can improve your rankings 100% by adding and updating your website often. Use a blog or create new content even if only once every month.

Only 65% of websites are updated on a regular basis. Google will look at your website more if you update this regularly, even if only a little.