As technology has progressed, way in which people view the web has also...

With the increased use in tablet devices like the Apple iPad and other similar tablet devices as well as widespread smartphone usage potential customers are becoming more and more likely to be viewing web sites via their more convenient and portable personal mobile and smaller screen devices whilst on the move.

Web design and web development has had to adapt with this in mind and responsive design is now common place.

The term Responsive Design or mobile responsive refers to the way in which a web site or web application adapts its layout and user interface for different devices or how it responds to different screen sizes.

A common way in which a site would adapt its layout would be on a mobile phone, where when space is limited instead of showing a site really small and requiring zooming and scrolling by the user, it may change its layout and content to display in one column rather than say four across, without reducing the size of text. Other user interface elements like menus may instead of running across a page again change to run vertically. Other elements may center to better read rather than being left aligned.

A user is often presented with a more simplified and friendly to navigate version of a web site.

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The Benefits Of Responsive Websites

The benefits of mobile responsive web sites are the savings in money from having to have a completely separate mobile site making or native application made which can be very expensive.

With mobile responsive web sites, design is often done with 'mobile first' in mind and so consideration is given as a priority for how the design would view on other devices.

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