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A lot of companies offer website design services, but these services are often a poor package deal with little to no custom design or thought put into the end product. Web design is in some respects a lesser skill than web development as the development process needs thought and planning to provide a quality end product and specialist skills in programming languages such as PHP and mySQL. In short web design is more the visual aspect, web development is more programming, functions, systems and providing solutions.

A typical web development project would usually include a client providing us with a website concept which we then custom code a solution for.

We can provide web development services in PHP and mySQL for the following and more:

  • Database driven websites
  • Database driven applications
  • Custom script development
  • Web applications
  • Client control panels
  • Classified websites
  • Booking websites
  • Estate agents websites
  • Advertising websites
  • Ecommerce websites and online shops
  • Custom product builders
  • API integrations
  • CRMs (Client Relationship Managers)
  • CMSs (Content Management Systems)
  • Billing Systems
  • Social networking websites
  • Video websites
  • News websites